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2.3.16 -I’m finally checking my “2015 end of the year post” off my list! I couldn’t decide how I wanted to go about sharing some of my favorite moments with you all, and as I was driving home from my shift at the hospital, “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave came on the radio. If you have heard it, then you already know how amazing this song is! I knew in that moment I wanted to share more about myself and give God the glory for everything He has provided for me. So here is a little bit about my story.

As a child, I was always trying to find ways to design and create things to make money. I started a jewelry business when I was 14, and I would send my dad to work with velvet lined silverware cases that had necklaces, bracelets, and earrings I custom made. I actually did quite well with that. I may have to start that back up again! I have also always enjoyed rummaging through garage sales and antique stores, and finding ways to repurpose old things. My dream was to be some type of interior designer so I could buy and design things for a living. I would even rearrange my friend’s rooms when I was younger anytime I came over to hang out. I think my friend’s parents enjoyed my visits more than they did! All that rambling to say, I have always loved CREATING!

Photography has given me the greatest opportunity to be a creator, dreamer, and entrepeneur. I never dreamed about taking pictures for a living, but the steps in my life lead me to this path. God opened the door for me to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University (the greatest college on the planet!), and in the midst of studying like crazy to pass nursing school and playing soccer to keep my scholarships, I was able to meet the love of my life. Clay taught me how to use a camera, and his degree in graphic design came in handy when learning how to edit. I absolutely love what I do now, and I have great plans to continue to grow my business!

Not only did I photograph many amazing moments throughout 2015, but I also had the privilege of attending 2 workshops. I made a trip to California to meet Jasmine Star and learned so much about business and becoming a better wedding photographer. I also attended a newborn workshop with Jaiden Photography and have already been able to see a huge improvement in my newborn photos. I’m officially a workshop junkie, and I can’t wait to continue to learn more and become the best photographer I can be!

I’m incredibly thankful for all of my amazing clients that have helped make this journey possible. I pray that God will continue to open the doors in this direction so I can continue doing something that I love. I hope to be a light in everyone’s life that I meet, and I want my story to show Christ’s love. Take a few minutes to sit back and listen to the words of this amazing song and enjoy some of my favorite moments from 2015!!!

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