Our Birth Story

12.31.17 – I’m not one for writing much when I blog, but I have to say a little something about our amazing journey in 2017. Many of you know we struggled to get pregnant. We tried for over 4 years before we were finally blessed with the most precious gift! Now that our little one is here, it’s hard to even imagine life before we had her. She was meant to be all along and was part of God’s perfect plan for us!

Everyone’s infertility journey is so different. My heart still aches for so many that are still going through the process of trying to start a family. I feel sad each time I post a picture of my little one on social media because I remember all the feelings I had when I saw other’s enjoying their children. It was never jealousy but sadness and sometimes hopelessness. You just don’t know when it’s finally going to be your turn…

My wish for others going through a similar experience find some hope and peace throughout their journey. God’s plan is perfect no matter what the outcome!

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